The Coach Notebook 2010 NFL Power Rankings

1 Aug
NFL Team Last Year Record Analysis
1. Saints 13-3 The Super Bowl winning Saints will continue to have success this season. But a 13-3 record? Not so much. Look for teams to find a way to exploit Greg Williams blitz happy defense. Coach Payton offense is still great enough to keep them viable in the NFC South
2. Colts 14-2 General Peyton Manning will have his troops ready to come back strong after losing in the super bowl. This has been a normally quiet offseason with great strategic moves for the organization. The Colts must have a better running game this year to take the slack off of Manning if they have any hopes to compete for a championship.
3. Jets 9-7 The Jets are a team that comes into the season with enormous hype. With a great season this past year and great offseason moves the Jets are poised to make a huge push for an AFC Championship game appearance. But remember this will only happen if QB Mark Sanchez continues to develop.
4. Ravens 9-7 The Ravens are the team to beat in the AFC North. With the additions of Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth the Ravens have strengthened their WR position. The success of the Ravens in 2010 will rely solely on the arm of QB Joe Flacco.
5. Vikings 12-4 Favre is the key here. If he decides to come and play the 2010 season look for the Vikings to have continued success. But if he doesn’t decide come back the Vikings could lose a few more games this year and possibly a chance at the playoffs.
6. Cowboys 11-5 Jerry world has been pretty quiet this offseason. The Cowboys biggest and riskiest move was drafting WR Dez Bryant. He must produce this right away this year if the ‘boys are to make a good playoff push.
7. Packers 11-5 The Packers are a good team that had numerous sack problems in 2009. The offensive line was a huge disappoint. Drafting OT Bryan Bulaga in the first round is a step forward. The offensive line must protect the QB with better efficiency.
8. Bengals 10-6 After a surprising 2009, look out for the Bengals this year. Last year the Bengals strength was the defense. This year the front office addressed glaring issues at WR. Owens, Bryant, Gresham, and Shipley look to propel the Bengals even further.
9. Chargers 13-3 The Chargers are a team that is tricky due to all the offseason moves and doubts at WR. Their first round pick RB Ryan Mathews must come in and be an instant starter. They are relying on him to produce or they will reduce.
10. Patriots 10-6 Brady and the Patriots are still at the top of the division but the gap is closing soon. This offseason was a normal Pats offseason. They are seemingly unforgotten team this offseason.
11. Eagles 11-5 The Eagles are in a tricky situation. This offseason trading their starting QB to the Redskins and relying on unproven QB Kevin Kobb and backup Mick Vick to lead the team. Reid must protect his QB and gradually let him progress.
12. Steelers 9-7 The Steelers are in for an interesting start of the season. With the suspension of Big Ben, the Steelers are forced to start the first couple of games of the season without their proven starting QB. Thus, this will test the perseverance of the team.
13. Falcons 9-7 The falcons are poised to have a great year with the continuing development of QB Ryan. I don’t see them making a run for the division because of the strength of the Saints. But look for them to be a wild card this season.
14. Texans 9-7 The Texans are in for a difficult road this season. Cushing suspension, lost of offensive coordinator, and schedule will make it a tough year.
15. Titans 8-8 Vince Young is to again be the captain of the ship in Tennessee. After a fairly good ending of the season the titans are set to fight for their playoff lives in the always tough AFC.
16. Dolphins 7-9 The Dolphins are the dark horse team this year. The addition of Brandon Marshall was the team biggest move and he will add to the development of Chad Henne. The wildcat still looks to be a large chunk of the running game.
17. 49ers 8-8 The 49ers seem to be everyone’s preseason pick to the surprise team of the year. The success of the team will again rely on the effectiveness of the offensive.
18. Cardinals 10-6 This year looks to be an interesting one for the Cards. This offseason was a huge step back, but an enormous leap forward for the franchise. Losing Warner and Boldin would hurt the offense early in the year. But look for the Cards to finish the year strong.
19. Panthers 8-8 The Panthers are a team that you really can’t determine how they will pan out. After finishing the year 8-8, you can see the Panthers moving forward this year. The only concern is the QB position. If Smith is fully healthy, and the running game comes along look out for the Panthers in 2010.
20. Bears 7-9 The Bears added much need help to the defense this offseason with the sack master Peppers. But the overall success of the bears would be determined by the Mike Martz-Jay Cutler relationship.
21. Giants 8-8 The Giants are the team that seems to regain their power in the NFC East this year. The offense need to produce and the defense must stop teams or look for big changes this offseason.
22. Broncos 8-8 Josh McDaniels and the new look Broncos are in for a difficult year. With a record of 8-8 finishing last year, the Broncos seem to always start strong and finish poorly. One of his many QB’s needs to play well if the Broncos are to have success. The young coach need to prove himself as a leader and propel the Broncos forward.
23. Raiders 5-11 Call me crazy but I think the Raiders are in for a productive year. And not a productive year with 6 wins. Look for the Raiders to win about 2 or 3 more games this year. The Key for the Raiders will be how good Jason Campbell will perform.
24. Seahawks 5-11 The Seahawks are looking to restore the years of excellence they had in the division during the early part of the 2000’s. With a new coach and a new attitude you can expect the ‘hawks produce well than 5-11 this season.
25. Browns 5-11 The Browns are in rebuilding mode. The biggest move for the Browns was Mike Holmgren. Drafting Colt Mccoy looks to be an investment for the future. But it might be sooner rather than later. Due to the fact Jake Delhomme is a career injury prone QB. Not to mention he is set to make $7 million this year (not a good investment).
26. Jaguars 7-9 The Jags are a team with many questions. I think the biggest question is the fan base. Last year we saw the lack luster excitement for the franchise through stadium attendance. This 2010 season will determine the future of the Jags QB, Coach, and Franchise.
27. Redskins 4-12 The Washington Redskins are a team that always have big expectations but seem to always fail to live up to them. With a new GM, Head Coach, and QB the fans has again began the super bowl talk in Washington. McNabb will produce, but the question is will the players around him on offense do the same?
28. Bills 6-10 Looks like another bad year for the bills. They didn’t address the offensive line in the draft. But they did invest in a good college RB Spiller. The good news is the Bills are looking to build up a young group of players and starting on defense is a nice start.
29. Buccaneers 3-13 Last year rookie QB is set to take over full time this year. The Bucs are a team that has a number of personnel problems that needs to be address before they can again seriously compete for a super bowl. This year will be the beginning of the development of the new youth movement taking place in Tampa.
30. Chiefs 4-12 The Chiefs are poised to be much better this year. The running attack last year was potent and with the addition of RB Dexter McCluster look for the running attack to have continued success. The rebuilding plan for the defense was helped with the dynamic play making ability of FS Eric Berry.
31. Lions 2-14 The Lions are in the second year of rebuilding and looking well. The rebuilding process is a slow one that must be done correctly. Drafting DT Ndamukong Suh and RB Jahvid Best indicate that the plan is taking shape. Look for the Lions to win a few more wins.
32. Rams 1-15 The Rams are a team that has a multitude of problems. Addressing the QB position this offseason is a solid move by the organization for the future. Look for this year to be a learning opportunity filled with many mistakes for the rookie.

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