Albert Haynesworth an obese piece of lard?

4 Aug

The reason the Washington Redskins have always seen as the kabuki theatre team of the NFL are for these type of situations. Dan Snyder’s new facade for the 2010 season and beyond was to be an owner in the shadows. Of course this isn’t the case AGAIN. The complaint out of Redskin Park for years has been that players made a pact with the owner and runs to him when there are problems with the coach. And what happen this year? Instead of Clinton Portis being the owners cry baby, Albert has taken his place. There have been reports from the park that the owner talked to Albert about reporting to training camp and was assured he was in shape. Now for the last week since he arrived we have been on “Albert watch”.  He is a football player! Two 300 yard shuttles have less to do with a football game than a cat have to do with the moon. Both are entertaining television but nothing more. The notion that he must pass this test to prove he is in shape to play a football game is dim-witted. Thus, the overwhelming notion that the Redskins will be actually be playing for a super bowl is laughable in itself. But to come to think of it the notion that Dan Snyder thought a coach of Mike Shanahan’s caliber would come in to lead his organization and be undermined by an overbearing owner is the most important story to take from this ordeal.


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