The Bengals: Ocho-TO show

10 Aug

The new look Bengals took the field Sunday night sporting a new high-powered offense. This season the Bengals are looking to be more explosive on the offensive side of the ball. But will their three diva receivers work well together?

If Sunday night was a sign, then we might as well get the popcorn ready for an explosive show on the field, sidelines that is. Luckily, Sunday’s performance was merely a trial test for Owens and Palmer to get acquainted. The Bengals new look receiving core includes Chad Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, Terrell Owens, Matt Jones, Andre Caldwell and rookies Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley. At least four of those names are of players that will demand the ball be thrown their way. Nevertheless, that’s the necessary evil when a QB has so many talented pieces around him. The coaches must find a way to help him distribute the ball evenly. However, the success of the team won’t rely on the WR’s except the offensive line and the backfield.

Last season the Bengals relied heavily on the running game to keep them in games. This season if they are to have any success at all, they will need to again rely on the running game to establish the passing game. Although they are stacked with receivers, defenses will choose to play the pass until they can establish that the running game is indeed a threat. The key is balance. Every team has to have a balanced attack if they have aspirations to reach their main goal, a super bowl.


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