Ochocinco Skull Rocked; Posted a Twitter Update during Preseason Game

21 Aug

Seems like lately all I have been writing about is the Bengals. But trust me this story has the potential to be great. Last night in the Bengals, Eagles preseason game Chad Ochocinco took a nasty regular season type hit to the head. Of course there was no flag on the play. Moments later the Bengals training staff ran onto the field to make sure their franchise player was ok; Chad refused care and walked off on his own power. It was clear he was feeling the effect of the hit. To his credit he came back on the field on the Bengals next series.

The good part of the story is Chad’s disregard to the NFL’s rule on “Tweeting” during games. The tweet read: “Man Im sick of getting hit like that , its the damn preseason shit! 1day I’m gone jump up and start throwing hay makers ,#Tylenolplease”

Now of course he will be getting fined by the NFL. His defense should be “Mr. Goodell, as a result of an illegal hit to my head, I was briefly affected by the symptoms of a concussion. Thus, you should renounce the fine in good nature”

Chad’s Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/OGOchoCinco follow its entertaining


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