Rich Rod Renaissance of Michigan Football 2010

26 Aug

As an alumnus of West Virginia University, I have tremendous admiration for Rich Rodriguez. However, Rich and the Michigan Wolverines are in need of a big year. After a promising start to last season, the wolverine faithful had reason for optimism. Shortly after that success came a stream of loses. Thus, the chorus of fans calling for Rodriquez to be fired grew louder.

Often, like every other aspect of our society, quick results are our standard for measuring success and failure. But in football successes are measured in the development of the program, player’s ability to adapt, and overall talent to fit the coaches’ schemes. When the athletic director hire Rodriquez it had to be a discussion within the department about  the players that were currently at Michigan and the scheme and players that would be needed in Rodriquez system. These changes are changes that requires both time and recruiting to move the program positivity forward. Firing him this season or in the next two seasons will do nothing but force the program to take a step back. Unless, the next head coach has a similar scheme and player needs as Rodriquez does.

Nevertheless, this season for Michigan looks to be promising, not only during the beginning, but throughout.

The key factors of determining success this season would be the development of the recruiting classes under Rodriquez, QB play, and a more productive offensive and defensive line play. With the schedule below you could expect at least 7 victories if and only if the team reduces the number of mental mistakes and continue to play the game hard throughout.

*last year 3 loses came as a result of 6 points or less

September 4 Connecticut
September 11 @ Notre Dame
September 18 Massachusetts
September 25 Bowling Green
October 2 @ Indiana
October 9 Michigan State
October 16 Iowa
October 30 @ Penn State
November 6 Illinois
November 13 @ Purdue
November 20 Wisconsin
November 27

@ Ohio State


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