Rodriquez has his guy [Pat White 2.0]

5 Sep

After a whole offseason the Michigan Wolverines quarterbacks didn’t know who would be taking snaps under center, well in their case behind center in shotgun. With just 24 hours till kickoff, Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriquez notified Denard Robinson that he will be the guy. The sophomore QB was thrill to hear he was the starting QB.

He didn’t disappoint either. In Saturday’s game against UCONN, Robinson ran for 197 yards, setting a school record for a QB, and a TD. And he threw 22 passes with 19 completions for 186 yards and a TD.

Known as the creator of the spread option Rich Rodriquez knows the qualities of a spread QB. At West Virginia University Rodriquez was the coach of Pat White, the NCAA all time leading rusher among QB’s. And he might have found his Pat White 2.0 in Denard Robinson.

After the game both head coach and player sported huge smiles in the post game interview on ABC. reports that Tate Foricer said, “All you need to know is I’m out”


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