It’s “not an admission of guilt”

17 Sep

After giving up the Heisman, Reggie Bush wants to make it clear that he did nothing wrong. Bush said just because he gave back the Heisman it’s “not an admission of guilt.” He went on to say “I felt just to kind of silence all the talk around it, all the negativity around it — I felt like this would be the best decision to do right now so I could focus.”

Later he said “Obviously something has to be changed.  You’ve got universities making millions of dollars off these kids and they don’t get paid.  The majority of college athletes who come in on scholarship come in [with] nothing.  That’s where you have a problem.  You’re making all this money off these kids and you’re giving them crumbs and then you’re surrounding these kids with money and telling them not to touch it.”

I’m in total agreement with Bush on this issue. If college athletes are going to make the university millions, universities need to give the kids more of a share of the profit that they bring in. I know people will argue that the schools pay for the kid’s education, but for smaller school it’s sometimes less than bigger school. The NCAA need to come up with a system that will compensate athletes equally on all levels. Or set a total monetary amount universally for all schools.


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