Cowboy-less Super Bowl

20 Sep

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys hopes for a Super Bowl bid at home may have already ended. The tone and attitudes out of Cowboys camp after falling in the first two games of the season is mildly optimistic at best.

After the game the club’s owner Jerry Jones said, “You can’t anticipate it and you’ve got to realize it’s quite a setback.  Everything in me is about being optimistic.  I know at the end of the day these losses if we can have a season that gets us into the playoffs, these losses can be mitigated.” Can they?

Considering the way the team lost the games you could say yes. However, the way the team is dealing with losing is the problem. We all know that in Cowboy land losing games isn’t taken easily. But remember it’s only a game.

And one thing we all know, in the NFL paying for the most talented players don’t get you anywhere. Just take a look at the Washington Redskins.


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