The Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen Project

11 Oct

The Washington Redskins as a team moving forward is in a heap of trouble. We all saw a preview of the Redskins franchise outlook in the game with Green Bay Packers. The constant problem all day was a lack of pass protection, few play makers, lack of a running game, and an aging QB that made a multitude of mistakes. Yeah of course die heart Redskin fans would point out that the problem is the offensive line. However, for the past decade that has been the problem and it was never addressed.

Now for the counter argument, that the addition of Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will combat many of those problems. Well think about what they addressed in their first year…wasting draft picks, changing schemes that doesn’t suit their players, having one of the oldest rosters in the NFL, showing up players, and so on. Their arrival was supposed to be the answer to many of the problems that harmed the Redskins in the past. But thus far has been more of the same.

If we want to look at the bright spots, then look no further than the 1st round draft picks that was made LaRon Landry, Trent Williams, and Brian Orakpo.

If the Redskins want to be a good organization they must use the draft picks instead of recycling them for old washed up veterans. And the dramatically involved owner needs to relinquish his fan hat and run the organization as a CEO.


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