WVU’s Stewart Must Pack His Bags NOW

30 Oct

January 2, 2008 the West Virginia Mountaineers took the field with an interim head coach by the name of Bill Stewart. At the completion of the game the Mountaineers earned themselves the Fiesta Bowl win. Bill Stewart was named head football coach of WVU the following day.

However, his hire didn’t sit well with all in Mountaineer Nation, most notably Ken Kendrick. Kendrick who is a WVU booster and co-owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks said at the time that he was “very concerned” with the future of West Virginia University football.

Kendrick also said he felt that Stewart was “overmatched”. Well as I sit and reflect on Stewart’s tenure as head coach I would have to agree with Mr. Kendrick.

The people of the great state of West Virginia worship Mountaineer football. Thus, the dramatic decline in the production of the program has to lie in the arms of its leader. Bill Stewart had plenty of time to continue to build on the production of Rich Rodriquez; however, he decided he would move the program into a new pass happy, balanced attack. This lapse in judgment reflects the failed philosophy of him and his staff to utilize the talent in place. Having small shifty players that are all undersized for their positions fits into a spread attack NOT a power running game and passing offense.

As an alumnus of West Virginia I was reluctant to call for Bill’s firing because he is such a great person. However, after watching the games over the past few years, I am uncomfortable with the direction of the program’s future.

I would suggest bringing in a coach that can quickly revitalize the Mountaineers. So I plead with Athletic Director Oliver Luck and President James Clement to relieve Bill Stewart of his duties at the completion of this season.

A suitable replacement would be Mike Leach former Texas Tech head coach, WVU alum Tommy Bowden, Oregon’s offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, or former Tulsa offensive coordinator and current Auburn coordinator Gus Malzahn.


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