What the HELL is Going on in Washington

16 Nov

The Washington Redskins are one of the NFL’s worst teams point blank. The owner brings in an arrogant head coach that doesn’t start his best defensive player and make excuses for his mistakes. The defensive coordinator continues to run a defensive scheme that doesn’t fit his players. The offensive coordinator continues to call conservative game plans and have faith in a nearly zero talent offensive line. The front office signs a 33 year old quarterback that is clearly washed up. The problems for this franchise are infinite. The funny part of it all is the fact that no one seems to understand that the team is programmed to fail year after year.

Last night performance was merely a testament of the years of stupidity that haunts the halls of the team headquarters. As I wrote in a earlier post this year, “If the Redskins want to be a good organization they must use the draft picks instead of recycling them for old washed up veterans. And the dramatically involved owner needs to relinquish his fan hat and run the organization as a CEO.” Yes, he tried to do that by bringing in Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen. However, these malcontents have already made it blatantly clear that they won’t find the right solution to the problem.

I give up. I refuse to waste anymore time writing this article.


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