Bengals: Looking Forward, Running Game will be Key

20 Dec

Coming into the season for the Cincinnati Bengals, everyone thought the offensive staple of the team would be to transform into a passing offense. Well I warned against this back on August 10th, in a post called The Bengals: Ocho-TO show I wrote, “Last season the Bengals relied heavily on the running game to keep them in games. This season if they are to have any success at all, they will need to again rely on the running game to establish the passing game. Although they are stacked with receivers, defenses will choose to play the pass until they can establish that the running game is indeed a threat. The key is balance. Every team has to have a balanced attack if they have aspirations to reach their main goal, a super bowl”.

If we look at the season we will see that the only wins that came are mostly due to the 23 or more carries for Cedric Benson. In each game, except two, that Benson had 23 or more carries the Bengals were victorious. This is by far not the only reason, but it is the key that helps a team control the clock and be a balanced attack.

Looking forward to next year, the team needs to upgrade the offensive line, let Owens or Ochocinco go, and rely on the running games as they did during the AFC North Championship run. Now of course that isn’t the only problem with the team. We all have seen the troubles at the quarterback position and the struggles of the defense. However, those three things on offense will allow both the defense and QB position to shoulder less of the burden.


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