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Brown’s Pat Shurmur Talks Offense

2 Mar

The Cleveland Brown’s new head coach Pat Shurmur talks about the things it take to be an capable offense.


It’s “not an admission of guilt”

17 Sep

After giving up the Heisman, Reggie Bush wants to make it clear that he did nothing wrong. Bush said just because he gave back the Heisman it’s “not an admission of guilt.” He went on to say “I felt just to kind of silence all the talk around it, all the negativity around it — I felt like this would be the best decision to do right now so I could focus.”

Later he said “Obviously something has to be changed.  You’ve got universities making millions of dollars off these kids and they don’t get paid.  The majority of college athletes who come in on scholarship come in [with] nothing.  That’s where you have a problem.  You’re making all this money off these kids and you’re giving them crumbs and then you’re surrounding these kids with money and telling them not to touch it.”

I’m in total agreement with Bush on this issue. If college athletes are going to make the university millions, universities need to give the kids more of a share of the profit that they bring in. I know people will argue that the schools pay for the kid’s education, but for smaller school it’s sometimes less than bigger school. The NCAA need to come up with a system that will compensate athletes equally on all levels. Or set a total monetary amount universally for all schools.

Jimmy Johnson Talks Survivor “Nicaragua”

17 Sep

Former Miami Hurricanes National Championship, NFL Super Bowl winning Head Coach Jimmy Johnson talks about his time on Survivor “Nicaragua” Video courtesy of

He talks about being turned down in previous season of survivor for health concerns from the show. And all things related to the show, cast, the difficultly of being on the show, etc.

NFL Attendance Problems

16 Sep

Today’s tough economic times are an every changing problem for NFL stadiums. Many stadiums are faced with attendance problems. Though big market franchises aren’t going to face these issues, many smaller franchises will find lower attendance. Thus the NFL blackout policy will take effect for those games. CNBC Darren Rovell talked about the issue on ESPN’s First Take. Video Link below


Shannon Sharpe Steps Aside from CBS

15 Sep

Sports by Brooks is reporting that CBS Football anaylsis and Former NFL TE Shannon Sharpe will temporarily step down from his CBS job on The NFL Today, pending the results of his legal case. In a statement released by CBS, Sharpe said, “I have decided to step aside from The NFL Today until the matter is resolved.”

The CBS Sports Senior Vice President of Communications LeslieAnne Wade said, “We accept Shannon’s decision and decline to comment further on a pending legal matter.” Though it’s reported that he is stepping aside, shouldn’t we question his behavior? Even further shouldn’t be question the message that CBS is portraying to young kids across the United States?

Below is the temporary restraining order petition filed against Shannon Sharpe.

(image from

Patriots Trade Maroney To Broncos

15 Sep

Patriot’s running back Laurence Maroney has been traded to the Denver Broncos according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The Patriots will send along with Maroney a six round draft pick. Denver will give the Patriots a fourth round pick in next year’s draft.

Clinton Portis Dumb Comments

14 Sep

Clinton Portis likes to keep his name in the news. Well…this time it was a really stupid comment he made concerning the recent female reporter in the Jets locker room. Don’t take my word for it just listen to the audio below

Vince Young Wants the Heisman Trophy

14 Sep

In an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm Vince Young said “I definitely want it, I definitely want it. But he [Reggie Bush] won it fair and square definitely, and it’s much respect to Reggie, man. He had a great career and he’s already won a Super Bowl before me. I’m already mad about that.” Well don’t you think Reggie Bush was mad about him winning the National Championship against USC?

Young went on to say, “But at the same time I am definitely happy for him, man, and he is definitely the Heisman Trophy winner for that year. But if they send it over to me I am not going to say no to it,”

For those that don’t know, the NCAA ruled Bush ineligible for 2005 for accepting improper benefits. 2005 was the same year he won the Heisman.

Controversial Call in USC-UVA Game Gets Officials Suspended

14 Sep

Maybe the call that took away Mike London’s his second win as University of Virginia Head Coach causes officials to be reprimanded.

During a critical point in the game UVA called for a fake punt and was successful. However, the officials working the game flagged UVA for blocking below the waist. Blocking below the waist on a regular punt is a penalty. But in this case it is considered a normal down and shouldn’t have been called. Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement that Virginia was called for blocking below the waist on a second-quarter fake punt. By rule, however, no penalty was warranted because no kick was made.

He went on to say “the officials recognized the mistake after the fact and apologized to the Virginia coaching staff. We know mistakes are made in games, but we will not tolerate our officials misinterpreting the rules,” He further went on to say “We believe the reprimand and removal from a future assignment are appropriate.”

Coach Hospitalized

14 Sep

After defeating North Dakota 23-17 on Saturday, Nothern Illinois football coach Jerry Hill was admitted to Kishwaukee Community Hospital. He was treated for dehydration. On Monday he was transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.