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Michael Vick in Trouble Again?

23 Jul

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick job may be in jeopardy.

The Eagles open training camp with a depth chart of Michael Vick as the starter, Nick Foles as the second string quarterback, and the rookie from USC Matt Barkley in the third string role. However, the backups don’t see their role this season in the shadow of Michael Vick.


Nick Foles told reporters on Monday that he thinks he will be the Philadelphia Eagles starter this season. He went on to tell that “I don’t think we play this game to sit on the bench. We play it to play, and I’m here to play.”

Matt Barkley comes into Philly with high expectations. He like Foles, feels that he has a chance to surface as the starter once the preseason schedule is complete.

No matter who wins the job they will have to impress the eyes of a highly critical attention to detail head coach. Chip Kelly won’t start the season with a quarterback that can’t live up to the attention to detail that he requires his quarterback to have. Vick has a few weeks to prove that he is the guy.


How Will Russell Wilson Do In 2013?

23 Jun

After shocking most of the NFL with his play as a rookie, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson appears to be a star on the rise. The question is, can he take the next step and lead his team to the Super Bowl?

Perhaps the best attribute Wilson had as a rookie is his ability to make smart decisions and avoid turnovers. He had just 13 turnovers the entire season, including just five in his last 13 games. Unlike fellow 2nd year players Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, all Wilson has to do is control the ball and be a steady signal caller to get the Seahawks in Super Bowl contention.

Russell Wilson

His poise also showed on the road, especially in the playoffs. Most quarterbacks can handle winning and playing well at home, but it takes a special player to turn the corner and have success on the road. He did just that when he went to Atlanta and beat up on the Falcons. Leading the offense to big numbers will equal a lot of wins for the Seahawks, who have a top three defense in the entire league.

As great as he was as a rookie, there are things he can improve on. There were times when he held onto the ball too long, but that is just making an adjustment to the pro game. His arm strength and accuracy on deep passes could also use some help, and with Percy Harvin now on the team, he has another incentive to get better at it.

Russell Wilson,  Rafael Bush

Overall Wilson will have a better statistical season in 2013, as you decide on your fantasy football team names you will also have to decide how much higher in the QB rankings you will place him than last year. That mostly has to do with being the true #1 quarterback who is trusted from Week 1. Last year, many thought he would split time. Seattle will still need to receive help from their other top players to get to a Super Bowl.


10 Jun

Is the Tebow bandwagon starting up again? Or is this another Bill Belichick mind game? Nonetheless Belichick has finally got the QB he wanted years ago.


As the trend if the running QB continues in the NFL, Bill Belichick could be reaching into his bag of tricks to propel the New England Patriots aging offense. Or he could possibly be grooming the Pats QB of the future.

Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow and got production from him. So this gamble may end up working for the Pats.

If anything it would be interesting.

Excuse by Blaine Gabbert?

3 Apr

After not getting Tim Tebow in a trade with the Denver Broncos, the Jacksonville Jaguars are now pumping out spin for their starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

According to the Florida Times-Union’s Gene Frenette, Blain Gabbert says that for the majority of the 2011 season he played with a toe injury. Excuse or not the guy played bad. Therefore, any way to give fans hope for next season is a good move.

Randy Moss Return Realistic?

15 Feb

Wide receiver Randy Moss is looking to make a return to the National Football League after quitting of three teams last season. Moss, 35, said on Ustream that he would like to return to play football this upcoming season.

Moss’s agent Joel Segal said that three teams has already called about his client in the past day. However he didn’t specify which teams. These statements were made on PFT Live.

Steelers May Move On With Hines

11 Feb

Steelers’ wide receiver Hines Ward won’t be back next season according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora. Hines is in his 15th season and likely will retire if he isn’t brought back. Although, many think he could return for a 16th season with another team.

49ers and Alex Smith Resurrection

19 Jan

Many people have been wrecking their brains trying to figure out how Coach Harbaugh changed a below average quarterback into a winning quarterback that makes few mistakes. The answer is simple and not as farfetched as football analysis makes it seem.

As a coach that has the task of developing quarterbacks and offensive systems, it is quite simple to figure out Coach Harbaugh solution to the once meager unwanted quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers offense is predicated on running the ball and safe short passing plays. It uses the advantage of having a great offensive line to build around. Thus, when Coach Harbaugh made his decision to be the coach there he knew his offensive style would work well. As long as he could get Alex Smith to complete passes between 3-10 yards with a seemingly somewhat accurate rate they would be fine.

His biggest task was resetting Smith’s focus and confidence. And that was apparent in the playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. With a pregame get together, and specific play calls that allowed Smith to feel connected as the leader of his team.

Football is a mental game as much as a physical one. And at the quarterback position it’s more mental than physical in most cases. For any successful QB having the knowledge and understanding of both offense and defense is important. And for Smith, the shift of learning and having a better mental understanding and confidence has proven to develop the balance with the former number one overall pick physical ability.

Penn State New Guy? Bill O’Brien

6 Jan

After A year of scandal, Penn State seems to have their guy to replace Joe Paterno. Multiple sources have said the New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien will be the new head coach at Penn State.

Penn State has not commented. And if true, it’s not clear if O’Brien will coach the Patriots in the NFL Playoffs.

Tim Tebow Music Video

13 Dec

ALL I DO IS WIN Tim Tebow version

Vick Hurt, Young to the Rescue

26 Nov

The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be strongly considering Vince Young as their starter. Well at least for this week. After suffering broken ribs, the Eagles original starting quarterback Michael Vick failed to practice this week.

Therefore, the man that proclaimed the Eagles a “Dream Team” may have another chance to keep the Eagles in the playoff hunt.