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Short Essay: The Collapse of the USA Thanks to Politicians

8 Jul

For a country that has numerous problems with the economy, housing market, unemployment, and the ever growing gap between the poor and rich, the United States elected leaders seem to turn a blind eye to the country issues.

Republicans and Democrats alike debate daily on issues that directly effects the live of their constituency. However, coming to an agreement doesn’t seem to be as important as standing on ideological party lines.

Americans elects “so-called” leaders to be our voices in Congress but somehow we fail to see the magical act candidates put on during the election season. Moreover, once we elect officials to be our representation in the people’s house, we are trumped by powerful special interest groups that seem to have more power that the electorate that voted them into office.

We call ourselves American, a name that symbolizes strength, character, innovation, hard work, and patriotism to country, but if we take a hard look at the blueprint of the United States of America we will see Americans who put country first and political party second throughout the growth of our great country.

How can one claim to be American when we are seeing staggering amounts of our own citizens suffering from a problem that could simply be fixed by addressing issues that are tough short-term political choices but excellent long-term United States sustainability options.

For instance republican leaders won’t budge on tax breaks for millionaires but looked to force numerous program cuts to the poorest Americans. Or giving big oil companies $4,000,000,000 in subsidies each year. And arguing that Americans needs help at the gas pump. [So are we saying that we will help oil with tax breaks and then argue that they are charging us to much money for their product? Does that make sense?]

Democrats aren’t any better. Democratic leadership looks at every threat from republicans as threat to life. In many instances that could be the cases by dismissing vital social services. But in order to get our country back in line we have to make tough choices about programs that are straining our countries budgets to the brink.

At some point democratic leadership starting with President Obama needs to put all programs on the table to be reformed. This isn’t an easy decision but its an American national security issue. Republicans on the other hand need to do the same.

Of course as Americans we want to see everyone succeed and live their version of the American dream. However, the government can’t continue to allow the wealthiest Americans not to pay taxes but force the poor and middle class to shoulder the burden of the country debt.