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USC National Championship Stripped Away

6 Jun

On Monday the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) officially stripped away the 2004 National Championship from the University of Southern California. This announcement came after a meeting of the NCAA’s Presidential Oversight Committee.

The title will be vacated for that season leaving the record books empty for the 2004 season.

USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said in a statement, “This was not an unexpected outcome. We will comply with all requirements mandated by the result of this BCS vote.”

The NCAA ruled a few weeks ago that NCAA USC’s appeal to have sanctions reduced. The Trojans will serve a two-year ban on postseason play and the loss of 30 scholarships.

US Justice Department Wants Answers From The NCAA

4 May

United States Justice Department’s antitrust chief asked in a letter to the NCAA for information on the current system regarding the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) on Wednesday. There has been numerous arguments about the current system because it prohibits some athletic conferences from the formula of choosing schools to pay in the NCAA major bowl games.

The letter from the Justice Department in part reads, “Serious questions continue to arise suggesting that the current BCS system may not be conducted consistent with the competition principles expressed in federal antitrust laws.” This letter was address to Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA written by Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney.

It’s important to point out that the NCAA isn’t required to answer questions according to the Justice Department.

Bowl Schedule & Preview

7 Dec

The full bowl schedule is out and most of the games seem to be great matchups. However, some of the bowl names are a little outrageous. Nevertheless, we will all enjoy the games. BCS games listed last. The complete list of the games are pictured below

Fiesta Bowl Preview

Holiday Bowl Preview

Outback Bowl Preview

Music City Bowl Preview

Insight Bowl Preview

Hyundai Sun Bowl Preview

Rose Bowl Preview

Alamo Bowl Preview

Capital One Bowl Preview

BCS Bowl Predictions

30 Nov

Ok I think its time to update my BCS Bowl predictions. After sitting watching football all weekend I think I may have a little bit more of a hunch of who will be where. Even though, I do have doubts if TCU should play in either the Fiesta or Rose Bowl.

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Last Week Picks

Fiesta Bowl- Nebraska vs. WVU
Rose Bowl- Ohio State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl- Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl- LSU vs. TCU
National Championship- Boise State vs. Oregon

Current Picks

Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma vs. TCU
Rose Bowl- Wisconsin vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl- WVU vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl- Ohio State vs. Arkansas
National Championship- Auburn vs. Oregon

NCAA Bowl Predictions, BCS Rankings

23 Nov

Back on September 29th I made my NCAA Football Bowl Predictions… Well lets just say I was a little bit off on the teams I picked.

Previous Picks

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. TCU
Rose Bowl– Oregon vs. Michigan
Orange Bowl– West Virginia vs. NC State (yes I’m feeling the hype NC State baby)
Sugar Bowl– Oklahoma vs. Boise State
National Championship– Ohio State vs. Alabama

Current Picks

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. WVU
Rose Bowl– Ohio State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl– Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl– LSU vs. TCU
National Championship– Boise State vs. Oregon

Here is what the experts over at CBS Sports think…

NCAA College Football Rankings

2 Nov

This week the #1 team in the BCS won their game. The Oregon Ducks stumbled out of the gates against the University of Southern California before making a impressive showing in the second half. Also in the USA Today coaches’ poll Auburn overtook Boise State in the #2 position.

Nevada and North Carolina State moved into the top 25. While Miami and Michigan dropped out. The Big East again has no teams in the Top 25, however, Syracuse did receive votes.

NCAA College Football Rankings

25 Oct

The curse of being #1 has taken down another team once again. For the third consecutive week, the number one ranked college football team in the polls was upset. Missouri took down the then number one ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

This week’s #1 ranked team in the BCS is Auburn and Oregon in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.
The Big East doesn’t have a ranked team.