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Week One College Football Preview

2 Sep

With the help of FOXSports we are previewing the college football season. This preview looks at week one biggest games. LSU vs Oregon and Boise State vs Georgia.

Mark Richt talks about being ready to face Boise State.


The Coach Notebook 4-3 Defense Playbook eBook

26 Jun

My first published eBook is now out talking about the 4-3 defense.

This playbook breaks down the basics of the 43 defense. It gives coaches the fundamental keys to successfully running an effective defensive scheme.

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Recruiting Spotlight: Jacob Williams

25 Feb

The great Vince Lombardi once said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” Well Jacob Williams doesn’t have to worry about that. This 5`8, 155 pound football player is a pure explosive playmaker. He reminds me of players like DeSean Jackson, Percy Harvin, Nnamdi Asomugha, and one of his sports heroes Champ Bailey with his great ball skills and speed.

Williams plays cornerback on the defensive side of the ball and wide receiver in the team’s pistol offense. He also handles the punt and kick return duties for St. Francis. In the 40 yard dash he runs a 4.65. Check out this exceptional player for yourself. Jersey Number: #10

He has received several honors for his play and leadership. He has 3 MVP awards, an Inspirational Player award, and Defensive Back award. Not only is he a great football player, he is a great student as well. Williams has a 3.2 GPA. These accolades haven’t gone unnoticed. Schools like Alberta, Bishop’s, Mount Allison, Waterloo, British Columbia, STFX, York, Western, Toronto, Wilfred Laurier, and Windsor has all shown interest in Williams.

St. Francis High School (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Class of 2011
Contact Information

(403) 210-0558

BCS Bowl Predictions

30 Nov

Ok I think its time to update my BCS Bowl predictions. After sitting watching football all weekend I think I may have a little bit more of a hunch of who will be where. Even though, I do have doubts if TCU should play in either the Fiesta or Rose Bowl.

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Last Week Picks

Fiesta Bowl- Nebraska vs. WVU
Rose Bowl- Ohio State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl- Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl- LSU vs. TCU
National Championship- Boise State vs. Oregon

Current Picks

Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma vs. TCU
Rose Bowl- Wisconsin vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl- WVU vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl- Ohio State vs. Arkansas
National Championship- Auburn vs. Oregon

College Football Preview

25 Nov

As we reach nearer to the end of the college football season, we must first play conference rivalry games. This week we have some of the best games of the year. Along with the importance of the games as it relates to records, many of these weekend games are some of the schools most envied opponents. So as sit and enjoy this great holiday…enjoy some great football.

The Building of a Program: Boise State

25 Nov

Found a great piece about the rise of the Boise State football program by CBS Sports. The Broncos fielded their first team in 1933. In 1958 they won the Junior College National Championship. And in 1996 the made the transition to Division 1-A. Thus, the dominance of the program is tremendous considering how young the team is in D1-A.

NCAA Bowl Predictions, BCS Rankings

23 Nov

Back on September 29th I made my NCAA Football Bowl Predictions… Well lets just say I was a little bit off on the teams I picked.

Previous Picks

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. TCU
Rose Bowl– Oregon vs. Michigan
Orange Bowl– West Virginia vs. NC State (yes I’m feeling the hype NC State baby)
Sugar Bowl– Oklahoma vs. Boise State
National Championship– Ohio State vs. Alabama

Current Picks

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. WVU
Rose Bowl– Ohio State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl– Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl– LSU vs. TCU
National Championship– Boise State vs. Oregon

Here is what the experts over at CBS Sports think…

NCAA Rankings

18 Oct

And down goes the Ohio State Buckeyes!!! As quickly as they climbed to the number on spot, they relinquished it. Now the Coaches’ poll shows the Oregon Ducks as the #1 team. And of course one of my favorite teams the Boise State Broncos is #2. In the BCS they both took a step back because Oklahoma is the #1 ranked team.

Seven ranked teams lost this past weekend.

My alma mater is now the #19 team in the Coaches’ poll, which makes me happy 🙂


NCAA Football Bowl Predictions

29 Sep

Yeah ok I know you’re going to say it’s entirely too early to start predicting bowls. Well its something fun to do. Our friends from CBSSports had a great video with their predictions, so I decided to make some of my own.

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. TCU
Rose Bowl– Oregon vs. Michigan
Orange Bowl– West Virginia vs. NC State (yes I’m feeling the hype NC State baby)
Sugar Bowl– Oklahoma vs. Boise State
National Championship– Ohio State vs. Alabama

Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor Is Ready

4 Sep

Before Monday’s big game at Fedex Field against Boise State, Virginia Tech starting QB Tyrod Taylor was impressive in the team’s final scrimmage. The senior QB completed 16 of 17 passing for 319 yards. The only incompletion was a pass thrown away to avoid a sack. People present said Taylor showed tremendous poise in the pocket, leadership with his teammates, and accuracy. He also got a comparison from his Head Coach Frank Beamer to former Virginia Tech QB Michael Vick.

Monday’s show down should be good. Boise State won’t back down.