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49ers and Alex Smith Resurrection

19 Jan

Many people have been wrecking their brains trying to figure out how Coach Harbaugh changed a below average quarterback into a winning quarterback that makes few mistakes. The answer is simple and not as farfetched as football analysis makes it seem.

As a coach that has the task of developing quarterbacks and offensive systems, it is quite simple to figure out Coach Harbaugh solution to the once meager unwanted quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers offense is predicated on running the ball and safe short passing plays. It uses the advantage of having a great offensive line to build around. Thus, when Coach Harbaugh made his decision to be the coach there he knew his offensive style would work well. As long as he could get Alex Smith to complete passes between 3-10 yards with a seemingly somewhat accurate rate they would be fine.

His biggest task was resetting Smith’s focus and confidence. And that was apparent in the playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. With a pregame get together, and specific play calls that allowed Smith to feel connected as the leader of his team.

Football is a mental game as much as a physical one. And at the quarterback position it’s more mental than physical in most cases. For any successful QB having the knowledge and understanding of both offense and defense is important. And for Smith, the shift of learning and having a better mental understanding and confidence has proven to develop the balance with the former number one overall pick physical ability.