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HGH Use In The NFL

31 May

Guest Writer: Robert McSain

Anyone who follows sports knows that so many people testing positive for human growth hormones have hit baseball hard. The sport has lost a lot of credibility, and it has taken them a while to clean up everything in general. While HGH is talked about a lot surrounding baseball, it is largely overlooked in football. However, there are plenty of signs that the usage runs rampant in the league.

The NFL has really grown into America’s past time, as people tune in every Sunday to watch their favorite teams and their favorite fantasy football players. That is just one reason why some people believe any HGH controversy is swept under the rug as quickly as possible. There have been reports from anonymous former players and people within the NFL that HGH use has been around for a while, and it is not really going away.

Back in 2013, there were reports from anonymous sources inside the NFL that as many as 10 to 15 players on each team used some type of performance enhancing drug. There have certainly been players who have tested positive for substance abuse, but those numbers would indicate that far too many are getting away with using HGH to their advantage.

The talk about drugs in the NFL seems to be surrounding marijuana at this point in time. Commissioner Roger Goodell seems to be close to approving a change in the rules, but he has been pretty quiet about HGH testing. The league and the NFL Players Association seem to be on different pages when it comes to HGH testing and punishments being handed out. It has been an ongoing issue going back all the way to 2011, and there is no answer in sight.

Until the NFL really cracks down on HGH, fans are generally going to overlook anyone who tests positive for essentially cheating. Baseball made it a huge issue, and now it is largely out of the game and those who test positive take a huge hit in credibility not to mention their paycheck.

How Will Russell Wilson Do In 2013?

23 Jun

After shocking most of the NFL with his play as a rookie, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson appears to be a star on the rise. The question is, can he take the next step and lead his team to the Super Bowl?

Perhaps the best attribute Wilson had as a rookie is his ability to make smart decisions and avoid turnovers. He had just 13 turnovers the entire season, including just five in his last 13 games. Unlike fellow 2nd year players Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, all Wilson has to do is control the ball and be a steady signal caller to get the Seahawks in Super Bowl contention.

Russell Wilson

His poise also showed on the road, especially in the playoffs. Most quarterbacks can handle winning and playing well at home, but it takes a special player to turn the corner and have success on the road. He did just that when he went to Atlanta and beat up on the Falcons. Leading the offense to big numbers will equal a lot of wins for the Seahawks, who have a top three defense in the entire league.

As great as he was as a rookie, there are things he can improve on. There were times when he held onto the ball too long, but that is just making an adjustment to the pro game. His arm strength and accuracy on deep passes could also use some help, and with Percy Harvin now on the team, he has another incentive to get better at it.

Russell Wilson,  Rafael Bush

Overall Wilson will have a better statistical season in 2013, as you decide on your fantasy football team names you will also have to decide how much higher in the QB rankings you will place him than last year. That mostly has to do with being the true #1 quarterback who is trusted from Week 1. Last year, many thought he would split time. Seattle will still need to receive help from their other top players to get to a Super Bowl.

Ochocinco’s Injury Reveled Via Twitter

21 Sep

On Monday, Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco informed his twitter followers that he has a cracked rib. At this point it looks not to keep him out. But we never know with injuries. Fantasy Football owners should keep a look out for the injury report to see his status for Sunday.

The Bengals take on the Carolina Panthers Sunday.

Panthers will be starting rookie QB Jimmy Clausen.

Top 25 Fantasy Football Players

30 Aug

1. Chris Johnson, RB Tennessee
2. Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota
3. Ray Rice, RB Baltimore
4. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB Jacksonville
5. Michael Turner, RB Atlanta
6. Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay
7. DeAngelo Williams, RB Carolina
8. Drew Brees, QB New Orleans
9. Steven Jackson, RB St. Louis
10. Frank Gore, RB San Francisco
11. Andre Johnson, WR Houston
12. Rashard Mendenhall, RB Pittsburgh
13. Randy Moss, WR New England
14. Cedric Benson, RB Cincinnati
15. Peyton Manning, QB Indianapolis
16. Reggie Wayne, WR Indianapolis
17. Miles Austin, WR Dallas
18. Jamaal Charles, RB Kansas City
19. Philip Rivers, QB San Diego
20. Tom Brady, QB New England
21. DeSean Jackson, WR Philadelphia
22. Calvin Johnson, WR Detroit
23. Shonn Greene, RB NY Jets
24. Ryan Matthews, RB San Diego
25. Ryan Grant, RB Green Bay