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49ers and Alex Smith Resurrection

19 Jan

Many people have been wrecking their brains trying to figure out how Coach Harbaugh changed a below average quarterback into a winning quarterback that makes few mistakes. The answer is simple and not as farfetched as football analysis makes it seem.

As a coach that has the task of developing quarterbacks and offensive systems, it is quite simple to figure out Coach Harbaugh solution to the once meager unwanted quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers offense is predicated on running the ball and safe short passing plays. It uses the advantage of having a great offensive line to build around. Thus, when Coach Harbaugh made his decision to be the coach there he knew his offensive style would work well. As long as he could get Alex Smith to complete passes between 3-10 yards with a seemingly somewhat accurate rate they would be fine.

His biggest task was resetting Smith’s focus and confidence. And that was apparent in the playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. With a pregame get together, and specific play calls that allowed Smith to feel connected as the leader of his team.

Football is a mental game as much as a physical one. And at the quarterback position it’s more mental than physical in most cases. For any successful QB having the knowledge and understanding of both offense and defense is important. And for Smith, the shift of learning and having a better mental understanding and confidence has proven to develop the balance with the former number one overall pick physical ability.

The Coach Notebook 4-3 Defense Playbook eBook

26 Jun

My first published eBook is now out talking about the 4-3 defense.

This playbook breaks down the basics of the 43 defense. It gives coaches the fundamental keys to successfully running an effective defensive scheme.

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Tony Kornheiser Podcast Petition

2 Jun

Go to http://www.change.org/petitions/bring-tony-kornheiser-podcast-back

Sign it and spread the word
I will print out all the signatures and mail them to ESPN 980 management

UPDATE as of 6/4/11 12:05 est only 27 people have signed

Pac-12 TV Schedule

10 May

The Pac-12 has announced its 2011 nationally television schedule. The complete list of games, networks, and times are listed below.

Sat, Sept. 3: Minnesota at USC, 12:30 p.m. ABC
Fri, Sept. 9: Missouri at Arizona State, 7:30 p.m. ESPN
Sat, Sept. 17: Texas at UCLA, 12:30 p.m. ABC
Sat, Sept. 17: Stanford at Arizona, 7:45 p.m. ESPN
Sat, Sept. 24: Oregon at Arizona, 7: 15 p.m. ESPN or ESPN2
Sat, Sept. 24: USC at Arizona State, 7:15 p.m. ESPN or ESPN2
Thur, Oct. 6: California at Oregon, 6 p.m. ESPN
Thur, Oct. 13: USC at California, 6 p.m. ESPN
Sat, Oct. 15: TBD, 7: 15 p.m. ESPN
Thur, Oct. 20: UCLA at Arizona, 6 p.m. ESPN
Sat, Oct. 22: Washington at Stanford, 5 p.m. ABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Sat, Oct. 29: Stanford at USC, 5 p.m. ABC
Fri, Nov. 4: USC at Colorado, 6 p.m. ESPN2
Sat, Nov. 5: TBD, 12:30 p.m. ABC
Sat, Nov. 12: TBD, 12:30 p.m. or 5 p.m., ABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Sat, Nov. 19: TBD, 12:30 p.m. ABC
Sat, Nov. 19: USC at Oregon, 5 p.m. ABC
Fri, Nov. 25: California at Arizona State, 7:15 p.m. ESPN
Sat, Nov. 26: TBD, 12:30 p.m. ABC
Sat, Nov. 26: Notre Dame at Stanford, 5 p.m. ABC, ESPN or ESPN2

Stanford Offense Still On Track

14 Apr

Stanford football seems to still be on track for another title run. Well at least the offense. In Saturday’s spring game at Kezar Stadium QB Andrew Luck lead his team to a 42-3 victory over the white team.

Luck threw for 165 yards, going 16 of 22, and had three touchdowns. However, the first stringers faced all reserve players. On the other hand, the 6,800 fans that showed up didn’t care about how evenly matched the teams were. The offensive explosion to the Cardinal fans proved that their team is a team to still be reckoned with after the departure of head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Andrew Luck to Return

7 Jan

Stanford QB Andrew Luck will return for his senior year. The biggest reason for his return is to complete his degree. Many people are questioning Luck’s decision because of the unexpected future of his head coach Jim Harbaugh. However, for a while now he has been speaking highly about education over football and money. But can we blame Luck for not wanting to go to a horrible franchise like Carolina.

With the news the Carolina Panthers has to be thinking about getting out of the first pick. But they may find it hard to trade it away. On the other hand, they could pick another QB like Mallett or Gabbert.

Bowl Schedule & Preview

7 Dec

The full bowl schedule is out and most of the games seem to be great matchups. However, some of the bowl names are a little outrageous. Nevertheless, we will all enjoy the games. BCS games listed last. The complete list of the games are pictured below

Fiesta Bowl Preview

Holiday Bowl Preview

Outback Bowl Preview

Music City Bowl Preview

Insight Bowl Preview

Hyundai Sun Bowl Preview

Rose Bowl Preview

Alamo Bowl Preview

Capital One Bowl Preview

BCS Bowl Predictions

30 Nov

Ok I think its time to update my BCS Bowl predictions. After sitting watching football all weekend I think I may have a little bit more of a hunch of who will be where. Even though, I do have doubts if TCU should play in either the Fiesta or Rose Bowl.

Leave your comments below

Last Week Picks

Fiesta Bowl- Nebraska vs. WVU
Rose Bowl- Ohio State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl- Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl- LSU vs. TCU
National Championship- Boise State vs. Oregon

Current Picks

Fiesta Bowl- Oklahoma vs. TCU
Rose Bowl- Wisconsin vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl- WVU vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl- Ohio State vs. Arkansas
National Championship- Auburn vs. Oregon

Andrew Luck Interview

27 Nov

Stanford starting quarterback Andrew Luck lets us get an in depth personal view of who he is. In this interview he talks about his head coach coaching style, living overseas, and possibly being drafted into the NFL. In my opinion he will be either the first or second quarterback selected in the draft. Nevertheless, take a look at the cool, calm QB Andrew Luck.
Video from CBSSports

NCAA Bowl Predictions, BCS Rankings

23 Nov

Back on September 29th I made my NCAA Football Bowl Predictions… Well lets just say I was a little bit off on the teams I picked.

Previous Picks

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. TCU
Rose Bowl– Oregon vs. Michigan
Orange Bowl– West Virginia vs. NC State (yes I’m feeling the hype NC State baby)
Sugar Bowl– Oklahoma vs. Boise State
National Championship– Ohio State vs. Alabama

Current Picks

Fiesta Bowl– Nebraska vs. WVU
Rose Bowl– Ohio State vs. Stanford
Orange Bowl– Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl– LSU vs. TCU
National Championship– Boise State vs. Oregon

Here is what the experts over at CBS Sports think…