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10 Jun

Is the Tebow bandwagon starting up again? Or is this another Bill Belichick mind game? Nonetheless Belichick has finally got the QB he wanted years ago.


As the trend if the running QB continues in the NFL, Bill Belichick could be reaching into his bag of tricks to propel the New England Patriots aging offense. Or he could possibly be grooming the Pats QB of the future.

Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow and got production from him. So this gamble may end up working for the Pats.

If anything it would be interesting.


NFL Daily Rundown

10 Sep

Green Bay Packers Cornerback Charles Woodson  agrees to a new contract extension. Adam Schefter is reporting that the extension years.

After missing two straight practices, Beanie Wells might not be ready for week one.

Bengals DE Antwan Odom is facing a 4 game suspension for alleged misconduct under the NFL steroids policy.

Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys is working with the team to finalized the terms of a long-term deal.

Andrea Kremer of NBC Sports reported that Percy Harvin heart stopped when he collapsed during practice. Harvin said his heart stopped for 10 seconds. Harvin did play in last night’s game against the Saints.

The Patriots and Tom Brady has agreed to a 4 year $72 million deal. $48.5 million guaranteed.


9 Sep

WBZ-TV REPORTS ON TOM BRADY CAR ACCIDENT: LINK TO THEIR REPORT http://wbztv.com/video/?id=92384@wbz.dayport.com