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Michael Vick in Trouble Again?

23 Jul

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick job may be in jeopardy.

The Eagles open training camp with a depth chart of Michael Vick as the starter, Nick Foles as the second string quarterback, and the rookie from USC Matt Barkley in the third string role. However, the backups don’t see their role this season in the shadow of Michael Vick.


Nick Foles told reporters on Monday that he thinks he will be the Philadelphia Eagles starter this season. He went on to tell PhillyMag.com that “I don’t think we play this game to sit on the bench. We play it to play, and I’m here to play.”

Matt Barkley comes into Philly with high expectations. He like Foles, feels that he has a chance to surface as the starter once the preseason schedule is complete.

No matter who wins the job they will have to impress the eyes of a highly critical attention to detail head coach. Chip Kelly won’t start the season with a quarterback that can’t live up to the attention to detail that he requires his quarterback to have. Vick has a few weeks to prove that he is the guy.


Monday Night Football Preview

15 Nov

CBS Sports James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason share their thoughts on the Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles game. This game is a huge game for both teams. The Washington Redskins are trying to get back on track after losing to the Lions and benching their QB. The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to keep on track under the direction under Vick. This is surely going to be a great Monday Night Football game.

The Michael Vick Project Has Come To An End

25 Aug

One year after having his own reality show on BET (Black Entertainment Television), Michael Vick is ending it. The show titled The Michael Vick Project was expected to return for a second season. Vick says “They asked me to do it.  I don’t have that lifestyle,” “I put a stop to that.”  So as quickly as it began it ended.

Vick has many more pressing problems to deal with. Having a camera crew following him around and trying to get his life back to normal after being released from jail is enough. Not to mention he is a professional football quarterback. Though the money is much-needed, he can do without it.