Weight room workouts, speed training, etc. all here


Split Your Football Training Program Into 3 Phases

A football training program lasts 12 months in today’s football.

Break training up into three phases

Remember to train at least twice a week for cardio during the off-season

Pre-season phase – 6 months (Heavy Position Specific Lifting)
In-season phase – 4 months (Moderate General Lifting)
Transition phase – 1-2 months (Light “repetition” Lifting)


 Circuit Training

Begin your workout with a short 5-7 minute stretch (be sure to include your arms, quads, and hamstrings)

50 Jumping Jacks

25 Push ups

25 Jump Squats

15 Sit ups

(take a break – rehydrate yourself)

50 Sit ups

25 Jump Squats

30 Push ups

50 Jumping Jacks

*you can increase or decrease the number of reps depending on ability

Be sure to complete all four exercises in one cycle then take a break

Circuit Training is to be completed at a fast pace



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